Frequently Asked Questions

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Which currencies do you support?

Currently, The Currency Account offers;


(GBP) Great British Pounds 

(EUR) Euro
(USD) US Dollars 
(AED) UAE Dirham
(AUD) Australian Dollar
(CAD) Canadian Dollar
(CHF) Swiss Franc
(DKK) Danish Krone 
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar
(HUF) Hungarian Forint
(INR) Indian Rupee
(JPY) Japanese Yen
(KES) Kenyan Shilling
(NOK) Norwegian Krone
(NZD) New Zealand Dollar
(PLN) Polish Zloty
(SAR) Saudi Riyal
(SEK) Swedish Krona
(SGD) Singapore Dollar 
(THB) Thai Baht
(TRY) Turkish Lira
(ZAR) South African Rand