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The EU referendum has created a new set of rules and challenges for UK SMEs with the ambition of trading internationally. Not only will businesses need to navigate new rules once trade deals are agreed, the uncertainty in the meantime has resulted in fluctuating currency markets and foreign exchange rates. This can have a huge impact on profit margins and cash flow. Our Export Invoicing Solutions help businesses trading internationally increase profit margins and negate foreign exchange risk.

Increase profit margins, save time

Many UK exporters currently mitigate foreign exchange risk and avoid cash flow uncertainty by invoicing their customers in Sterling. But this approach only transfers the risk to their customers, who in an increasingly competitive global market, will look elsewhere to fulfil their supply chains to avoid FX fluctuation and source better prices locally.

Invoicing your customers in their local currency can give you the advantage in sales price negotiations and the opportunity to increase your margins, because all the foreign exchange risk has been avoided and is no longer a factor for your customer.

Using our state of the art, multi-currency invoicing system used by many multinational organisations, The Currency Account guarantees UK exporters the Sterling equivalent of the invoice, protecting your cash flow and profits. Our software can generate invoices in multiple currencies, reducing admin, mitigating risk and keeping your customers happy.

The benefits

Faster payment terms

Invoicing customers in their currency of choice means that they are less likely to wait for favourable exchange rates and pay you faster.

Improved customer experience

UK companies that need to invoice overseas customers are able to receive money in GBP-Sterling, while still invoicing in the customer’s local currency, reducing the customer’s currency exposure and risk, and keeping their own administrative costs low.


Foreign currency invoicing gives companies a safe, cost-effective, and convenient way to manage international transactions.

Cost savings

Transaction fees are significantly reduced for your client as they no longer need to go to the bank to complete a currency exchange at inferior exchange rates.

Avoid risk

FX risk is transferred away from both the UK business and the international customer to The Currency Account, who employ tried and tested risk management strategies to eliminate exposure.

How it Works

How it works

  1. When you finalise your sale, we convert your GBP-Sterling invoice into your customer’s local currency.
  2. The new invoice, which displays pricing in the foreign currency, is sent to the international client for payment via The Currency Account’s multi-currency banking solution.
  3. We use methods used by many of the big banks to lock down the exchange rate, guaranteeing you the GBP-Sterling amount you agreed, and protecting you against further market fluctuation.
  4. When payment is received, The Currency Account immediately transfers GBP-Sterling to the bank account of your choice (ordinarily within two hours).


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Learn how you can optimise your profile margin and plan cash flow, confidently knowing that you will receive the full GBP-Sterling payment expected and your customers can pay you easily by avoiding foreign exchange transactions.


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What our customers say

We’ve not looked back since adopting The Currency Account's export invoicing solution. It has given us cash flow certainty on our international transactions on two fronts – our invoices get paid quicker because our customers prefer to pay in their local currencies; and we have increased our profit margins because we are in control of the GBP-Sterling equivalent of our negotiated sales prices. Add to that the convenience and reduced administrative burden, and it’s a no-brainer for Sun Mark.

Harmeet Ahuja, Sun Mark

The Currency Account’s Export Solution has made sales negotiations drastically easier as there is total transparency and certainty of the cost of our product. It has also sped up the payment and settlement times because our customers are happier and more comfortable paying invoices in their local currencies.

Allan Lorde, United Pharma

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