CURRENCY ACCOUNTSAvailable in 25 currencies for all your collection, FX conversion and payment needs

Currency account
management challenges

Every treasurer who has tried to use multiple currency accounts
knows their complex reality:

  • Currency accounts are complicated to open and expensive to maintain
  • Banks offer them in a very limited number of foreign currencies
  • Currency accounts are often spread between multiple banks, with no single interface, resulting in a higher administrative burden
  • Excessive FX conversion rates and fees often make "free" currency accounts very expensive

The new generation of currency accounts

For companies facing foreign currency challenges, The Currency Account has a solution which allows businesses to open and operate accounts within our ecosystem and optimise their cash management. The Currency Account offers a very efficient and cost-effective collection process in 25 currencies. Companies are able to collect, hold and make payments directly from their Currency Accounts. In addition, companies are able to settle spots and forward contracts taken using funds already in their accounts
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    Simply register online or offline. No obligation to transact.
  • Compliance check

    We'll run your details through our security checks to ensure your safety as well as ours.
  • Meet your specialist

    Start an ongoing dialogue with your dedicated FX specialist so we can tailor a solution for you.
  • Ready to go

    Manage all your currency requirements within one easy-to-use, secure account.


  • Ability to collect funds in 25 currencies.
  • Good option for companies that require cash pooling from multiple entities.
  • Avoid high FX spreads.
  • Streamline payment collection and eliminate manual payments reconciliation.
  • Boost your competitive advantage in local markets by offering your payer the ability to pay in their local currency.
  • Improve your cash management and easily transfer funds between currencies.
  • Make payments or settle spots and forwards executed online or with our dealing desk.

Easy & convenient

  • Get your currency account up and running within days
  • Conveniently collect your revenue from abroad
  • Possibility for cash pooling from multiple subsidiaries
  • Easily transfer funds and save on FX fees

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