Currency Account Corporate Dealing Desk

Real, personal service

The Currency Account dealing desk service is personalised for you, no matter where you are in the world or where your money is going. We do what you want, how you want it – and we do it in real-time. Our customised currency solution can’t be duplicated. Together with our world-class knowledge and experience, that creates unbeatable value.
  • Real expertise is rare

    Our dedicated focus in foreign exchange differentiates us from other institutions that merely dabble in it. We possess true global market expertise, providing our clients with informed, intelligent guidance. You can be confident in the information and insights we bring to the table – your decisions will always be informed ones.
  • We’re here to help

    Clients always come first. It’s a philosophy that guides our company. We’re constantly listening, so we can tailor our service to your situation and your needs. That level of personalisation means the best possible result. And in the end, we deliver. For us, service isn’t a buzzword. It’s what makes us different.
  • We do whatever it takes

    We don’t wait for you to call. We call you. When we say we understand your needs, we mean it – and knowing your needs means we can act on them. We are always thinking ahead, constantly looking for future opportunities. Our willingness to proactively seek the best outcome in every client exchange is what helps us create real lasting relationships.

A complete corporate service

Customisation, expertise and unbeatable value are a part of every exchange. Because we deal exclusively with currency exchange, we can offer your company the best possible exchange solution in the industry. Our experts have up-to-the minute access to live information. They’re always available to talk about your currency needs and help find the best course of action.

Protect your cash flow

Work with our team of specialists to secure your cash flow against a rapidly moving market. We’ll develop a precision risk management strategy, tailored to your business objectives and powered by our tools and analysis.

How certain is your profit?

Hedging can help you to mitigate the risk of international transactions. When paying for goods or services in foreign currency your costs will fluctuate and margins become unpredictable, putting your cash flow at risk. Using currency hedging tools you can lock in a rate, avoid unexpected downward movements and keep costs within budget.
  • Volatile

    Market volatility exposes your cash flow to unexpected currency movements and puts your profit at risk.
  • Predictable

    Hedging helps you reliably forecast your costs, stabilise cash flow and protect your profits.

4 step plan to securing your profit

Increase control and certainty over your profit margins using our 4 step risk management plan:
  • Identify

    Reviewing your exposure to currency markets and the potential impact on cash flow.
  • Objectives

    Determining your risk management aims and foreign exchange budget.
  • Strategy

    Selecting the tools best suited to achieving your objectives and protecting profit.
  • Execute

    Delivering your plan, with regular performance evaluation and development.

How much is my money worth?

A historical guide to fluctuating exchange rates**

We’re here to help you make the most of foreign exchange opportunities

Our dealing desk constantly monitors the world’s economic and geopolitical landscape to gauge the direction of world currencies on a global stage. The Currency Account is always at the forefront of all technological advances in the payments solutions industry, making sure our clients always have a competitive edge. Utilising several live feed information sources, we are able to offer timely market information throughout the day.


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