CORPORATE ACcOUNTbespoke e-banking and international payment services for small to multinational companies

Focused on the provision of bespoke e-banking and international payment services, our corporate team supports clients that range from small and medium sized enterprises to multinational companies including publicly listed entities.

There is no shortage of advice or opinions on where exchange rates are going. However, at The Currency Account we work closely with those responsible for deciding how to manage their currency exposures. Whilst it's fair to say nobody can predict the currency markets, it's also fair to say currency purchase decisions are still frequently based on a 'best guess' and therefore many companies remain vulnerable to currency risk.

At The Currency Account, it's all about 'striking a balance' where we solve the problem of exchange rate unpredictability by developing FX strategies that help businesses balance the three major variables they have to consider when hedging: how much, how far forward and when?

In doing so, we give them greater control over the impact exchange rate volatility has on their profit margins, cash flow and ability to buy or sell goods at competitive prices.

Achieving consistent and effective results often requires not only a change in strategy, but also a change in perspective. Fundamentally, this means managing currency in line with your commercial objectives and competitive landscape, rather than a market view or even a target hedge rate.

Ultimately, we help businesses that want to outperform their competition, not the currency market.
Our independence ensures professionalism, integrity and a synergy of approach with our clients' objectives. Our reputation is founded on being accessible and responsive to the needs of our clients, whether it be in providing ongoing currency services or ensuring that a transaction reaches completion, whatever the timeframe.
We support clients who range from small and medium sized enterprises, to multinational companies including publicly listed companies and subsidiaries. The diverse range of expertise we offer is further enhanced with our multi-jurisdictional local payment capabilities.

Our Services

Multi-Currency Account

Exporting or importing goods or services? Our global Currency Account helps you to do business overseas, banking in the currency of your choice.

  • Transactions without the drama Send and receive international payments with ease with The Currency Account

    Our global Currency Account is ideal whether you are importing or exporting goods and services, receiving payments from your overseas clients or paying suppliers. Our multi-currency accounts help you do business internationally.
  • Service wrapped around youThe account supports multiple currencies – you no longer need to have several banking relationships, which saves you time and money.

    Leveraging our banking and payments network will improve payment acceptance, settlement times and reconciliation. Grow your international client base by invoicing and receiving payments from your clients in their local currency, directly into your multi-currency account.
  • The partners you needUse your global Currency Account to access market leading exchange rates. Give your business a competitive edge by planning ahead and maximising cash-flow by fixing exchange rates in advance.

    Access your global Currency Account anytime to move and view balances, make and track payments and convert currency.

FX & International Payments

Make payments overseas on time, easily and securely. Using smart technology combined with personal service, you'll receive the highest quality international and FX services tailored to your needs.

  • Dedicated to moving money overseas We move money quickly, reliably and securely, using great foreign exchange rates.

    Whether you are buying or selling goods from other countries, or investing in the overseas growth of your own business, we can help. It doesn't matter how large or small the payments are. From a substantial one off transaction, to regular payments you can rely on us.

    Our specialists will work with you to give you a first-class personalised service tailored to your specific needs. Our partnerships with tier 1 banks means you get access to both G10 & exotic currencies at the most favourable rates.
  • Currency made simpleAt The Currency Account your money transfers are made easy, transparent and secure, leaving you free to concentrate on your business objectives.

    Your Account Manager can help you transfer money at the current exchange rate. Alternatively, you can do it online, instructing your payment easily, within minutes.
  • Currency services, tailor made for your businessArrange FX transactions directly with your Account Manager, or via your online account.

    Add and manage beneficiaries easily via your online account, instruct payments out, or use our bulk upload feature for mass payments.

    View balances, access transaction history, statements and payment confirmations. Making audit trails easier.

    Increase security and reduce errors with multi-level payment authorisation. Give your team access to view, instruct, and sign-off payments with dual and triple authorisation.

Hedging Solutions

If you want to stay ahead of market risks, change and volatility, our expert hedging team can help. We offer passive and active FX hedging solutions for import and export currency hedging.

Transactional Hedging One of our specialists will work with you to develop a simple, tailored, foreign currency hedging solution that's built around your needs and helps you to stay ahead of market volatility.
Overview We offer passive and active FX hedging solutions, focussing on reducing currency risk and fluctuations in exchange rates between the base and hedged currency.

We'll actively manage the performance of the hedge, while giving you complete control on hedge ratios and overall FX exposure. Using spot and forward transactions to hedge your currency exposure within predetermined parameters.

You will be provided with a custom-built portal that will provide live data for all trades.

When executing your currency transactions via the The Currency Account you can ensure best execution is achieved, as we have access to multiple banks and numerous FX liquidity providers.

Mass Payments

If you are sending batched payments each month internationally, The Currency Account offers a global bulk payments solution. Our cloud based global payments platform enables you to make multiple payments with a single file upload.

Providing a better, smarter way to make Bulk Payments internationally. Enabling multiple payments in one single batch.

Using our Bulk Payments solution will simplify your international payments needs and improve your operational efficiency by removing manual processes to enable you to take control of your bulk payments when paying recipients in foreign currencies, including sterling.
  • Key Benefits
  • Send multiple payments in one batch globally
  • Reduce complexity of payments
  • Increase efficiency of bulk processing
  • Keep costs down
  • Track payments

A trusted partner to drive growth and efficiency

Take control of your bulk payments with The Currency Account and extend your global payments and foreign exchange capabilities whilst driving growth and efficiencies.

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