The Currency Account, the smart choice for business.

International revenues, payments or transfers? If your company needs to send or receive money abroad, we can help you – easily, securely and cost-effectively.
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  • Pay Salaries & Invoices

    Whether paying overseas suppliers or contractors, or paying employee salaries in local currency for overseas employees, The Currency Account can help your business save money.
  • Receive Payments

    Maximise your profits by collecting money directly in your multi-currency account.
  • Transfer Money

    Stay in control of overseas cash flow as your business expands globally. Easily transfer profits back to Head Office.

Why should businesses use The Currency Account?

Save Money

Make more on every business transaction by tapping into competitive exchange rates. The money you save goes straight to your bottom line.

Ensure Consistency

Get the same great deal on every single transaction. No first-time offers - just leading exchange rates every single time, for businesses of all sizes.

Stay In Control

Our online platform helps you to manage transfers on any device from any place. We give you the flexibility to stay in control of your international cash flow.

Keep your funds Safe & Secure

We are authorised by the FCA as an electronic money provider with all client funds held in segregated accounts in Tier 1 International Banks, meaning your money is always safe and secure.

Breeze through multiple payments

Need to make a lot of payments at a time? No problem. Speak to us about our batch payment tool where you can make up to 1,000 payments in one go through a simple file upload. So now you're saving time, as well as money.
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Excellent Platform, Quick, Easy & Competitive Transactions

“We have been using The Currency Account for over a year now for all our international business transactions. They have a fantastic online platform where it’s very quick and easy to move money in different currencies, and easily pay foreign suppliers in the relevant currency. Their rates are excellent, much better than the bank! Would thoroughly recommend.”
Anish Aggarwal, SEJ Distributions Limited

Get started today

Creating your business account is quick and easy. If you require further assistance, please contact our customer support team at (0)20 7014 3344

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