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Rishi Patel, Managing Director, The Currency Account

Five Things to Consider When Buying a Property Abroad

Do you dream of making a life-changing decision and buying property abroad? Whether you have your eye on retiring to a French farmhouse or buying a holiday home in the heart of Florida, the dream of owning property in a foreign country isn't a decision you should rush. Take time to do your homework and be financially savvy throughout the..
by Rishi Patel, Managing.. | 01/02/2019
Simon Ngu, Co-Founder & CFO, Brew & Biscotti

What our customers say - Brew & Biscotti

Brew & Biscotti is a purveyor of high-quality classic glass tea and coffee makers. Our business was founded (and is registered) in the UK, but we sell primarily in the US via our own online shop at and Walmart, and we work with suppliers from Asia. As a result, we have incoming and outgoing currency..
by Simon Ngu, Co-Founder & CFO,.. | 24/01/2019
Rishi Patel, Managing Director, The Currency Account

Foreign currency accounting, invoicing and risk-management

As your business grows it is possible that you will consider selling your goods or services to individuals or businesses in other countries. Those customers will want to pay your invoice in their local currency rather than in your home currency. How do you manage these transactions in your accounts or the unpredictability of the exchange rate..
by Rishi Patel, Managing.. | 07/01/2019
Rishi Patel

Currency exchange for businesses

An essential guide for companies wishing to find the ideal currency company   In the globalised world we live in today even some of the smallest businesses are exposed to foreign exchange movements and many businesses suffer from poor exchange rates when paying international suppliers or receiving payments from across the world...
by Rishi Patel | 18/04/2018