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Ivo Cunningham, Head of Dealing

Daily FX Report - 20 February 2019

Summary As US markets re-opened following Monday’s holiday, currency-market volatility increased and the recent lack of sustained direction continued as the dollar briefly gained ground before declining sharply. Reports that the US Administration wanted a pledge of yuan stability included in any trade deal with China hurt the US..
by Ivo Cunningham, Head of.. | 20/02/2019
TCA Market Reporter

Daily FX Report - 19 February 2019

Summary Currency markets were held in relatively tight ranges during Monday with a US market holiday dampening trading. There was also a lack of fresh fundamental developments as caution prevailed. After initial losses, the dollar gradually regained ground, primarily due to underlying reservations over other major currencies. Growth..
by TCA Market Reporter | 19/02/2019
TCA Market Reporter

Daily FX Report - 18 February 2019

Summary The dollar initially held firm on Friday, but mixed data caused a retreat from 6-week highs with fresh doubts over US fundamentals and Fed policy. Hopes for US-China trade progress were also important with the dollar weakening further given a dip in defensive demand as global risk conditions improved and oil prices strengthened to..
by TCA Market Reporter | 18/02/2019
TCA Market Reporter

Daily FX Report - 15 February 2019

Summary The dollar initially continued to take advantage of weak sentiment towards other major currencies on Thursday, although there was a significant reversal after US data releases triggered fresh doubts over US growth trends. There was also an important global dimension with renewed reservations over growth trends. Given economic and..
by TCA Market Reporter | 15/02/2019
TCA Market Reporter

Daily FX Report - 14 February 2019

Summary After losing ground the previous day, the US dollar was able to regain ground on Wednesday as slightly higher than expected US inflation data curbed expectations of a dovish Federal Reserve stance this year. Other major currencies also failed to gain support as economic and political concerns undermined Euro and Sterling support...
by TCA Market Reporter | 14/02/2019
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