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22nd March 2018 Daily FX Report

POUND STERLING (GBP) Although the UK jobless claimant count increased, unemployment dipped to match a 42-year low of 4.3%. The headline annual increase in average earnings strengthened to 2.8% from a revised 2.7%, the strongest reading since September 2015. The data triggered some optimism surrounding growth as real earnings moved close to..
by TCA Market Reporter | 22/03/2018
TCA Market Reporter

21st March 2018 Daily FX Report

  POUND STERLING (GBP) The headline UK CPI inflation rate declined to 2.7% for February from 3.0% previously and below consensus forecasts of 2.8% as food and travel prices rose less sharply than last year. The data had some impact in denting market speculation over a potential May Bank of England interest rate increase which..
by TCA Market Reporter | 21/03/2018
TCA Market Reporter

20th March 2018 Daily FX Report

POUND STERLING (GBP) Political events dominated Sterling on Monday as the announcement of a joint press conference sparked speculation of a Brexit deal. EU Chief Negotiator Barnier confirmed a transition arrangement until the end of 2020 and described it as a decisive step. Political relief was amplified by expectations that a May Bank of..
by TCA Market Reporter | 20/03/2018
TCA Market Reporter

19th March 2018 Daily FX Report

POUND STERLING (GBP) During Friday, cautious optimism that a Brexit transition deal would be secured at the March 22nd Summit supported Sterling, although uncertainty was still a major feature. GBP/EUR advanced to 2-week highs just above 1.1350 while GBP/USD recovered from a dip below 1.3900 to trade near 1.3950. IHS data recorded an..
by TCA Market Reporter | 19/03/2018
TCA Market Reporter

16th March 2018 Daily FX Report

POUND STERLING (GBP) UK yields rose slightly relative to Germany which provided some Sterling support during Thursday. Brexit doubts were a significant feature ahead of the New York open with concerns over a potential lack of progress at next week’s Summit pushing GBP/USD to lows below 1.3925 as GBP/EUR retreated to the 1.1270 area...
by TCA Market Reporter | 16/03/2018
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