About us

The Currency Account is a diverse foreign exchange company that wants to challenge the power of the banks and other financial services providers when it comes to foreign exchange markets. We hate the fact consumers and small businesses suffer from a lack of transparency in services provided by these institutions and they are forced to pay extortionate hidden fees and suffer from poor exchange rates.

For far too long, control of the foreign currency market has rested in the hands of a few institutions but with the help of The Currency Account, you can benefit from the same attractive rates enjoyed by the powerbrokers.

We are your ally

  • Our ultimate goal is to help you with your currency exchange requirements.
  • We try to be absolutely fair to you by offering you complete transparency.
  • We strive to evolve constantly and try to bring about continuous innovation.
  • Our technology ensures that you can always access the best available exchange rate every time.

More benefits from using The Currency Account

  • No more middlemen

  • Secure services

  • Super Easy to Use

    Super easy to use

The currency Account